My story

Since 2014 I have worked in education and industry as an engineer and designer. In that time I have learned how to combine the creative and analytical aspects of the innovation process into a unique method. My method alternates between the creative aspects of design and the analytical aspects of decision making. My coaching creates a proces in which you will zoom in an diversify in consecutive steps. This allows for a clear picture of the challenges, while still leaving more than enough space for true creativity.

The process

Any innovation process goes through several steps, each with its own challenges.

Exploring the challenges (zooming in)

It’s not uncommon to lose sight of the goal during any development process. That’s why the first step of the process is analyzing the challenges and freedoms. Questions concerning the desired functionality will be answered here. Creating a preliminary list of requirements creates a sharper image of the real challenges. This list will be updated constantly throughout the process. Tools used here (among others) are 5W2H and a function tree.

Exploring the possibilities (diversifying)

The previous step created a clear picture of the challenges, now the trick is to not get stuck in routine or antiquated knowledge. Here we look at what possibilities we have of fulfilling each function. Anything goes, and no idea is too crazy. Tools like mindmaps, creative sessions, and brainstorming are used to allow the full width and depth of creativity.

Conceptualization and prototyping

We now have a clear picture of the challenges and possibilities. Now it’s time to really get stuck in. Drafting concepts, prototyping, validation, and testing assumptions. In this step there is constant zooming in and diversifying. Rapid iterations and a lot of validated learnings is what we’re after here. Constant updating of the list of requirements comes into its own here. Tools used are rapid prototyping, Wizard of Oz, and different graphic overviews of the process.

Decision time

The list of requirements is what we have drafted and updated to now lose sight of the end goal. Now is the time to use it to check our concepts. The list of requirements allows us to select the best concept and start the product development process using this concept.